Family Migration:

Family migration allows Australian citizen or Permanent resident to sponsor their relatives, partners, children adopted children to Australia. To be eligible the applicant and the sponsor has to satisfy number of requirement such as eligibility to sponsor, balance of family test and Assurance of support.
Under Family stream category there are five main categories :

A. Carer Visa (subclass 116 and 836) :
This visa allow you to immigrate to Australia to care for your relative who have medical condition and there is no one in Australia who can provide the care and assistance.

B. Child Visas:
There are number of visa options available under this category such as :
i) Child (subclass 101 and 802)
ii) Adoption (subclass 102)
iii) Orphan Relative ( subclass 117 and 837)
iv) Dependent Child ( subclass 445)

C. Parent visas:

This visa is available for Australian resident or permanent resident to sponsor their parents. There are two main categories and they are
i) Parent ( Subclass 103, Aged parent subclass 804)
There are very limited number of spaces are available under this category and generally takes longer time to process.
ii) Contributory Parent ( Temporary subclass 173 and aged parent 884 and permanent subclass 143 and contributory aged parent 864)
This visa takes relatively shorter time to process however; there is a very high application fee to apply for this visa category.

D. Partner Visas:

This visa category is available for Australian citizen or Permanent resident to sponsor their spouse/ de facto partner or to apply for prospective marriage. These visas can be classified as

i) Prospective Marriage Visa (subclass 300)
ii) Partner ( Provisional and Migrant subclass 300 and 100) and
iii) Partner visa ( subclass 801 and 820)

E. Relative visas:

This visa allows Australian citizen or Permanent resident to sponsor their relatives to permanently settle in Australia and they can be classified as:

i) Aged Dependent Relative ( subclass 114 and 834)
ii) Remaining Relative ( subclass 115 and 835)

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